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Definition of a bank draft

definition of a bank draft

A bank draft is a type of check that guarantees payment by the issuing bank after verifying the requesting customer has enough funds to cover. A bank draft is a promise of payment similar to a check that is issued by a firm, payable at some future date, and guaranteed for a fee by the bank that stamps it. › Personal Finance › Banking. definition of a bank draft

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What is BANKER'S DRAFT? What does BANKER'S DRAFT mean? BANKER'S DRAFT meaning \u0026 explanation The bank draft can be used in foreign countries to make a payment or close a transaction. You definition of a bank draft never definition of a bank draft too much storage. Anybody can write a check for any amount they want, and the recipient cannot be sure if the check will bounce or not. A bank draft is not the same as a cashier's checkwhich is a check that is. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? There is a caveat in that the bank protocols may declare the draft too old to be valid; this has been known to happen when the draft is over six years old. Take the quiz Forms of Government Quiz Name that government!

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