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Salary slip format excel file

salary slip format excel file

Salary slip is a very important document issued by the employer to the employee. Salary Receipt contains details of salary paid to an employee which include. Basic Salary Template. Download Although it is not the easiest financial document to decipher, but it is not very difficult to decode. 'Salary slip' tells about your take home salary and the total deductions from the salary in a particular month. Salary Slip Template Pack: Use these templates as per your wish. Purpose of adding all these files in one pack is that you can easily download.

Salary slip format excel file -

There many other allowances such as lunch allowance, fuel allowance, telephone allowance etc which are all fully taxable. What is CTC? Although some companies use a salary slip format in Word, many choose a salary slip format Excel offers. If an employee incurs expenses in advance the employer will make the reimbursement on the payslip direct to the employee. ESI is only applicable if the salary of the employee is less than Rs. salary slip format excel file

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