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Javatpoint jdbc interview questions

javatpoint jdbc interview questions

JDBC Interview Questions; Spring Interview Questions; Hibernate Interview Questions; JSP Interview Questions; Exception and thread Interview. Question 1. What Is The Jdbc? Answer: Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is a standard Java API to interact with relational databases form Java. JDBC is an API used to connect Java application with Database. The values to this question marks will be set by the PreparedStatement. Methods of this.

Javatpoint jdbc interview questions -

What Is Rowset? It provides no host redirection capability. Jenkins Maven. Loading the Driver To begin with, you first need load the driver or register it before using it in the program. They may choose to sign a JDL commercial license and pass the CTS which would then allow them to distribute the code and use the Java Compatibility brand.

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Telephonic Interview for Java Developer - 1 Core Java Interview Questions. Next Page. Answer : This term generally refers to Array, Blob and Clob data which is referred to in the javatpoint jdbc interview questions via SQL locators "Materializing" the data means to return the actual data pointed to by the Locator. Computer Architecture. I've seen questions about another driver that appears to peak somewhere between and statements. javatpoint jdbc interview questions

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