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Bank of america short sale process timeline

bank of america short sale process timeline

Bank of America rolled out their new short sale changes on Friday the 13th! call the Equator System and are intended to streamline the short sale process. to meet these impressive timelines, they will have to impose the same timelines on​. How long should a buyer wait for a short sale purchase offer to be approved by the bank? Most buyers have a really hard time waiting out the approval process. Many banks will discount the price a little from market value, but an offer should About Us · Advertise · Editorial Guidelines · Careers · Contact · Cookie Policy. The new system has helped to streamline the short sale process and has made a dramatic improvement in their turn times. Between the two big steps they have.

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Bank of America Changes Short Sale Process - Really? They were dated August 5th! Oftentimes, the seller and buyer panic when they get close to a short sale being approved. This is bank of america short sale process timeline critical piece that is typically missed on short sales and unfortunately it comes back to your client, the buyer, to cover since the sellers have no funds to cover. Approval times have gone from months, to months. Thanks so much Craig, I will come back and post when we hear something so that way others who are in this same situation with BofA can get a fill for how they are working. I have had SS deals go 4, 6, 8, months before getting a 'No' or a release even with short-sale negotiators. Sometimes even a standard mortgage can take a while.

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