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Driving licence online application nepal

driving licence online application nepal

Online Form You must apply online to get new driving license, renew and new category. ยท Document Submission All document should be submitted on. How to Apply for License here in Nepal. The process in brief: Fill the online form from DOTM website. You'll get a verification page along with. Online Driving License Application Form in Nepal. With the beginning of , the department of transport management begin to take online. driving licence online application nepal

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Apply Online Driving License In Nepal The ministry is holding discussions on the draft with several driving licence online application nepal. Learn how your comment data is processed. I want to apply for driving license. In this video you would know how to measure the speed of wifi or internet. You will get 3 chance to pass your trial and there should atleast 10 days gap from each trial incase if you failed. Jobs at a Reputed Bank of Nepal.

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